What is the arctic route

The Arctic Route is a safe, reliable and comfortable way of coach travel to new adventures and unforgettable memories. Our bus routes make it easier for you to visit the various destinations in the Arctic region, either one way or for a return round trip. Our partners offer a wide range of experiences such as dog sledding, traditional food and drink, wildlife safaris, accommodation and much more.

The Arctic Route is as of today a collaboration between Bussring, Eskelisen Lapin Linjat and Vy which operate the Luleå – Kiruna – Narvik route.

We will operate services daily from 1 December until end of March, between Tromsø and Narvik, Lyngen, Alta, Rovaniemi, Luleå and Kiruna. The Luleå – Narvik – Luleå route is a year around route. Light refreshments will be available on board.

All of us at The Arctic Route, along with our partners, welcome you to share the Arctic experience with us.


Bussring AS is the largest, locally owned coach company in Northern Norway offering all kind of transport services in the Arctic region. The company, established in 1957, is still run by the same family. We consider the whole of the Arctic region as our home market and our coaches operate in both Norway, Finland and Sweden. Since June 2016, Bussring has also operated the Airport Express service in Tromsø, a year around service covering all arrivals and departures at Tromsø Airport Langnes. In 2016 Bussring started The Arctic Route which now offers daily service between many cities in the Arctic region.

Our headquarter is in Tromsø and we have more than 45 vehicles of different types and sizes that travel approximately 2 million kilometres each year. Most of our vehicles are less than three years old and satisfy the highest environment requirements, Euro 6. On board the coaches there are modern facilities, such as adjustable seats with seat belts, panoramic views, air-conditioning/heating, toilet, video, fridge, coffee machine, Wi-Fi etc.

Our professional, experienced and friendly drivers always put safety first when providing the best services to our customers. Our drivers are highly trained and qualified when it comes to driving in Arctic winter conditions.

We always aim for “world-class delivery”.


Eskelisen Lapin Linjat OY is one of the largest transport companies offering scheduled routes and coach charter services in Lapland. The company, established in 1928, is still run by the same family – now in its third generation.

Our home ground is Lapland and the North Calotte Area. Our route network reaches all the way from Helsinki, Oulu and Rovaniemi to the shores of the northern Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean, to such places as Nordkapp, Tromsø, Vadsø and Luleå.  Even though our routes have expanded, our fleet has increased and the number of kilometers has broken records, a few things have remained unchanged; our willingness to serve travellers by offering scheduled routes and coach charter services, and the location of our headquarters.

Our modern, well-equipped coach charters are available for domestic and international journeys. All equipped with safety belts, toilet, refrigerator, DVD, radio/CS and microphone. All of our coaches are heated and air-conditioned. Professional and experienced drivers are at your service and are there to ensure you have a safe and comfortable trip.

With the experience of 90 years and millions of kilometers, we can say we know the roads of Lapland like the backs of our hands.


Vygruppen is one of the Nordic region’s largest transport groups. The company is owned by the Norwegian State by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. We operate in four business areas in Norway and Sweden: train, bus, freight tranposrt and mobility and travel.

New technology, digitalisation and climate change are changing the way we travel. For customers to want to travel by public transport, they must experience it as just as well or better than traveling with their own car.

Our common strategy “The best journey” is based on the customers and their needs, and describes the change Vy will undergo to win customers and win tenders in the future. Our goal is to remain a Nordic market leader in 2025. We are therefore very proud to have been commissioned to run the Night Train from Stockholm to Narvik from 13 December 2020