Does Santa Clause live in Finland?

Rovaniemi is one of the largest cities in Northern Finland. Situated only 110 km from the coast of the Baltic Sea – close to the Swedish border – it is a perfect destination to experience all the fun and joy Finland has to offer. It’s a lively city with the mysteries feeling of modernity, comfort, and exploration. You are in the center of everything and at the Last Frontier at the same time.

About Rovaniemi

Surrounded by a flat and spacious wilderness that stretches beyond the horizon, it’s no wonder why The Finns loves their snowmobiles. The dry and stabile Arctic climate makes it ideal for winter activities, and snow mobiles are both an activity and means to discover the snowy landscape and enormous Arctic sky – far away from city lights. No wonder why Rovaniemi is one of the greatest snowmobiles manufactures in the world.
As we Norwegians already know; Santa Claus doesn’t live in Finland. He lives at the North Pole. But we can´t confirm that he doesn’t come and visit Rovaniemi from time to time. And he really should. Nowhere in the world is there put so much effort and love into making a cozy village for Santa. It’s a must see when visiting Rovaniemi and we guarantee that you will long for Christmas like a 4-year-old child. And what is Christmas without Rudolf and his brotherhood of reindeers? In Rovaniemi, you can follow his trails in your own sledge as the northern light blazes across the Arctic deep blue sky. It’s a real journey where fairytales come alive.

If you seek a deeper understanding of Finland, we highly recommend a visit to the historical museum Arktium where you get a dive into the cultures and traditions of the Sami people. And if you are in for a real Arctic experience; visit one of the local Saunas and take a skin dip in the powder snow. It’s the closest you get to the real Arctic life.

Getting here

Tromsø — Rovaniemi / Rovaniemi – Tromsø

On this route you will experience the beauty of Finnish Lapland, both the tundra and the small municipalities along the way. This route will connect you to Kittilä Airport, Levi Skiing resort and Rovaniemis…

Rovaniemi – Luleå / Luleå – Rovaniemi

This route connects the Finnish capital of Lapland and the Swedish capital of Lapland. From the deep Finnish forests to the shores of the Bothnian Sea. Whether you want to visit Santa Claus or the World…

In or near Rovaniemi

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