A Historical Epicentre

When you arrive at Narvik, this city by the sea might seem a bit sleepy like many other Norwegian mid-size cities. Situated next to Ofotfjorden, Narvik has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, structured in cute small streets with numbers instead of names, surrounded by majestic and picturesque mountains.

About Narvik

But the history tells another story. Being one of the largest shipping ports for iron ore in the Northern Scandinavia, the city has the privilege of trains, offering connection to the European railroad network. This made Narvik to a strategic target during the Nazi invasion in the beginning for World War II. The battle of Narvik was one of the most brutal naval battles in Northern Europe, and the city still carry silent marks from German and Allied firepower.
Narvik Warmuseum is of course a “must see” at your first visit Narvik. Not only to learn why the city played such an important role during the war, but also to understand the unique location of this city is a connection point between east and west throughout history. And then there are mountains. Lots of majestic mountains. The slope above the city centre offers some of the most breath-taking views and alpine experiences in Northern Europe. The cable car will lift you from the city centre and 650 meters up on Narvikfjellet in no time, where you can follow the lines of Alpine Worldcups diving into the ocean – or just get a cup of coffee in the top restaurant. Summertime are also funtime in Narvik. Rent a bike and head for the mountains and a network of different bike trails. Or take the train up towards the Swedish border and walk down the fjord following Rallarveien, a prize-winning trail. Here you can jump on board a boat for a taste of sea life.

Getting here

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In or near Narvik

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