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Alta is the largest city in Finnmark, situated at almost 70 degrees North. It’s a strategically located hub by the Altafjord, still being an inland city with dry and stabile climate. The winters here are dark, snowy, and freezing cold, while summers welcome you with a warm and friendly breeze under the never setting sun.

About Alta

As a modern hub connecting people and knowledge, Alta has taken a lead role in the Arctic development. The airport connects Finnmark to Europe, while the University campus connects the region to the rest of the world. Thanks to a world leading education within Arctic Adventure Tourism, Alta has become a pioneer within tourism development.
Alta is also a cultural hub with a proud heritage. Signs of civilization dates back more than 7000 years carved in rocks, depicting reindeers, bears, boats, and hunters. The extensive collection of rock carvings has earned its place in the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s a silent witness of Alta’s unique position as meeting place for people across the Arctic region for thousands of years. If you are into outdoor activities, you can’t find a better destination than Alta. In summertime the world-famous Alta River attracts thousands of visitors as well as locals to its shores to lure the wild salmon as it swims inland to spawn. In winter Alta is host for Finnmarksløpet – attracting the toughest competitors in the world for a 1200-kilometer-long Husky race across Finnmark, turning the city into folk festival for outdoor extreme sports. Or you can jump the bike and attend Offroad Finnmark every July to discover the beauty of highlands along with other explorers loving the silence of the vast untouched nature. Whatever your heart and soul desire, Alta offers a life-time experience.

Getting here

Tromsø – Alta / Alta – Tromsø (From 01.03.22 only to Storslett)

Travel in comfort between the Capital of the Arctic and the city of the Northern Lights Alta. Sit back and enjoy the stunning scenary that passes by on your way to new impressions and experiences. On…

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