The Paris of the North

Tromsø is the largest municipality in Troms and Finnmark county, Northern Norway. The city of Tromsø is named after the island of Tromsøya, on which it stands. With a population of 76,974, Tromsø is the 12th most populous municipality in Norway and the largest one in Northern Norway. 

About Tromsø

Historically Tromsø is well known as the gateway to Arctic because of its history as a starting place for both hunting and scienitfic expeditons towards the north. Today it is the home of the northernmost university in the world, “Norges Arktiske Universitet” and a lot of other businesses related to the university. The citylife of Tromsø is very much a reflection of that with a internationmal population enjoying the vibrant citylife of Tromsø.
Tromsø makes you feel like living inside a snow globe: yes, it’s rough, cold, dark and if you are not lucky enough to own a garage, you will spend 6 months of your life per year, scraping ice from your car. But you don’t get anywhere else in the world the experience of observing amazing northern lights FOR FREE whenever you want, bringing you kid home pulling him on a sledge or going out to meet your friends in summer time, at 7 pm and returning home at 3 am with the sun shining on your face.

But Tromsø is much more than the aurora: it is the cold smell in the air, the silent snow falling all the time, the beautiful mountains, the midnight sun, the stunning nature and magnificent mountain views. It is about feeling the adrenaline and emotion when you do your first RIB trip in -10 around the island and end up with frozen hair and eyelashes. Or when you mush your own dog sledge for the first time and your best friend falls off and the sledge just drives itself while you laugh your life.

This is the magic about Tromsø. You have to live it to love it.

Getting here

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In or near Tromsø

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