Aurora Safari Minibus

With transport

Aurora Safari is our complete, flexible and small-group Northern Lights tour where we offer you all the comfort, safety and local awareness that you are looking for on a Northern Lights Chase.

We have many perfectly located private camps through agreements with local landowners, which we use as unique northern lights spots. They give us shelter, toilets and privacy. This keeps the guests safe and makes for a much more enjoyable chase as well as strengthens our commitment to local sustainability. We go where we have the highest chances of seeing the lights, so we use a combination of the vehicle and the camps as our base, depending on the weather conditions.

Searching for the Aurora is all about being patient. While waiting for the sky to clear and the lights to appear, we gather around a cosy bonfire that will keep you warm. Settle in with your beloved ones, share stories, gaze at the fire, enjoying a delicious wrap. A truly unique Arctic experience.

To give you the utmost comfort and keep you warm during this Arctic Safari is one of our priorities. Jump in a thermal winter suit that we provide and warm up with a hot coffee, tea or chocolate around the fire. There is a high focus on night-time and Northern Lights photography, so remember to bring your camera. We help you with the settings and you can use a tripod free of charge. A winter or Aurora portrait and other photos are included in this tour and are shared with you the next day, so you can bring your cherished everlasting memories of the Arctic back home.

Did you know? By joining this tour, you support a reliable and committed local activity provider which cooperate closely with local landowners, local food producers and local bus companies in order to give you a unique local experience and to contribute to a sustainable local economy and destination.

Season: Autumn, Winter
Start time: 18:45
DURATION: 5 - 7 hours
Maximum group size: 15
Suitable for: Children 13 years and older, Seniors (65+)
Price: 1495 per person


• A knowledgeable and dedicated English-speaking Northern Lights guide

• Transport by modern and comfortable vehicle

• Hot chocolate, coffee, tea

• Support local landowners and suppliers

•Wrap(vegan option available)

• Leave-no-trace bonfire

• Advice and help with camera setting and on how to take Aurora photos • Photos from the trip to be downloaded from (TourPhotos – choose the date of your tour)

• Thermal winter suits and reflector vests for use during the safari

• Tripods for use during the safari

• Private Northern Lights Camps with shelter and toilet when possible

What to bring

Warm boots and socks, hat, scarf and mittens.

Other things to do

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With transport

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