Arctic Route Northern Lights Safari

With transport

The Arctic Route Northern Lights Safari is our exclusive Northern Lights tour, where we offer a unique nature experience, full comfort, and flexibility in one.
Three wolves howling to the aurora.

We leave Narvik in the evening to find the Northern Lights. We also have to exclusive possibility to enter the front part of the park to howl with the wolves, after the Polar Park* has closed.

Howls are more common at night when the wolves are more active and in certain conditions, you can hear them over an area of 70 square kilometres. As they are only 200 meters away from us in the park, this could result in a fantastic and intimate concert.

We stay warm by serving hot drinks and a hot meal in an authentic indoor wooden hut with a campfire and toilet facilities. If the Northern Lights hit us during our stay at the park, we will enjoy a truly unique moment.

After our visit, we will search further for the Northern Lights along the mountain valleys and fjords in the Narvik area. We know the safe spots to look for the Northern lights and will go on the chase with a comfortable, spacious, and warm bus.

Our enthusiastic guide is there to tell you more about the wolves and their habits, the Northern Lights, the myths, local stories, and traditions, and are eager to discover your stories too. Use of warm winter suits, tripods, and portrait/landscape pictures included.

The trip leaves at 19:00 from Scandic and we are back in the city between 00:00 and 01:00.

Season: Winter
Start time: 18:45
DURATION: 5 - 6 hours
Maximum group size: 50
Suitable for: Children 4 - 8 years, Children 9 - 12 years, Children 13 years and older, Seniors (65+)
Price: Adults: NOK 1,975
Student: 1,775
Child (4-12 age): NOK 1,150


  • Scenic spots along the road and chasing for Northern Lights
  • Transport with a comfortable spacious bus with on-board toilet
  • Entrance to the front part of the Polar Park after closing time
  • Howling with the wolves
  • Hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate)
  • Norwegian snack Lefse
  • Locally produced hot meal (stew)
  • Cosy indoor seating with indoor bonfire
  • Use of winter suits
  • Use of tripods
  • High-resolution northern lights photos from the tour free of charge here


What to bring:

  • Warm clothes, boots, hat, mittens and scarf
  • Camera


Polar Park is the world’s most northern animal park with spacious areas for arctic animals, such as fox, moose, wolf, reindeer, lynx, and many more.

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