Travel terms for The Arctic Route

The Arctic Route is a co-operation between Bussring AS (Norway), Eskelisen Lapin Linjat OY (Finland) and Svenska Järnveger AB (Sweden). These terms only apply to transport carried out by Bussring AS (hereinafter “Bussring”) under the brand The Arctic Route. Separate terms apply for the parts of the trip carried out by Eskelisen Lapin Linjat OY and Svenska Järnveger AB.

Order confirmation

A binding agreement is entered into when the customer receives the order confirmation to the e-mail address submitted by the customer. The total price for the trip is stated in the order confirmation. All communication between the parties, including notices of order cancellations, cancelling or changing the trip or complaints, shall be made in writing to the parties’ listed e-mail addresses. The customer is responsible for informing Bussring if changes are made to the contact person or address. The customer may make changes to the order on “My Page” on

Payment terms

All orders by private individuals (consumers) shall be prepaid with credit card.

Bussring may accept payment by invoice or other payment methods for larger orders from professional customers (B2B). In the event of delayed payment, a late fee accrues pursuant to the Norwegian Debt Collection Act and interest on overdue payment accrues pursuant to the Norwegian Act relating to Interest on Overdue Payments. Extra costs may accrue for bank services when making the payment if the customer chooses to pay with an international bank check. Bussring may also require a deposit to be paid in advance for orders.

Tromsø Safari is a partner to Bussring/The Arctic Route and manages your booking and payment in collaboration with Nets and Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge.


The customer is entitled to cancel or make changes to the trip free of charge within 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure. For cancellations 23 hours before the time of departure or later, there is a 100% cancellation fee of the purchase price.

Cancellations or changes shall be made either in writing to or via “My Page” on Unused tickets are not refundable.

Cancelling the trip

Bussring reserves the right to cancel the ordered trip if the weather conditions along the route or other extraordinary circumstances render it impossible to carry the trip out in a safe and secure manner.

The customer will have the full purchase price refunded in the event of cancellation. The customer is not entitled to any other compensation than the purchase price.

Lost or damaged luggage

Bussring is not responsible for any luggage, goods or other articles lost or damaged during the transportation, except for damage caused by Bussring, for example reckless driving or malfunctions on the vehicle. Compensation is limited to NOK 12,000 per passenger.

Rules during the trip

It is not allowed to enjoy own alcoholic beverages during the trip. Passengers may be refused on board if they are excessively drunk. Smoking is not allowed onboard the bus. Passengers who refuse to follow the personnel’s instructions may be refused on board. The customer is responsible for delays and damages as a result of its own conduct.

The customer is responsible for holding a valid ticket during the entire trip, either in hard copy or electronic form. The tickets may be checked by the personnel at any time during the trip.

Delays during the trip

Bussring is responsible for offering an alternative mode of transportation if the vehicle commissioned for the transport is unable to complete the trip. Bussring will offer price reductions or refunds in the event an alternative mode of transport is not available, or in the event of significant delays. The customer is not entitled to compensation beyond the refund of the purchase price for the trip.

The right to price reductions or refunds of the purchase sum does not apply if the defect is due to severe weather conditions or closed roads.

Compensation for customer damage

Bussring may claim compensation for any damage to the vehicle or other property caused intentionally or negligently by the customer, such as contaminated seats due that need to be rinsed due to vomit or other bodily fluids.

Third party providers

The Arctic Route is a co-operation between Bussring AS, Eskelisen Lapin Linjat OY and Svenska Järnveger AB. Each of the parties is only responsible for its own part of the trip. Claims for refunds or compensation for damages related to parts of the trip that Bussring is not responsible for shall be directed to the responsible party, either Ekselisen Lapin Linjat OY (in Finland) or Svenska Järnveger AB (in Sweden).

Changes to the agreement

Beyond price adjustments, Bussring may only make insignificant changes to these terms. In the event of such changes, the customer shall receive a written notice. If the customer does not object within 30 days, the changes are considered to be accepted by the customer.


The customer is responsible for filing any complaints regarding the trip within a reasonable amount of time after the trip has been carried out or should have been carried out. The complaint shall be made in writing to

Dispute resolution and choice of law

Disputes that cannot be solved amicably shall be sought to be solved by bringing an action before Nord-Troms District Court. These terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law.

Intellectual property rights

Bussring AS holds all rights to The Arctic Route’s trademark, logo, design, shape and pictures applied to the buses of Bussring AS and the website, as well as all other intellectual property rights related to the website


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